Hepatitis B Paediatric

Get your child the Hepatitis B Paediatric Vaccine in Birmingham

It is important to protect your family and young ones, that is why we recommend that you get your child the Hepatitis B Paediatric Vaccine in Birmingham. The NHS recommend that all babies should be vaccinated to protect themselves against a hepatitis B infection. The reason for this is that the infection can persist for many years in children and can eventually lead to complications, such as scarring of the liver or liver cancer. Although the overall risk of hepatitis B is low in the UK, children and adults in high-risk groups should get themselves vaccinated.

These risks are listed below:

Symptoms of Hepatitis B

In most cases of hepatitis B, symptoms do not show. They mostly appear in adults than children and may include: abdominal pain, jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes), fever, and loss of appetite. Hepatitis B infection that’s persistent develops in 80 to 90 percent of those infected in the first year of life. Of this, only five percent are infected in adult years. Persistent infection can cause liver cancer or liver failure.

How to prevent Hepatitis B

If you are travelling, you should avoid contact with bodily fluids and blood by:

Hepatitis B vaccine

We have many inactivated hepatitis B vaccines, among them combined hepatitis A/B products. Travellers considered at risk are advised to take the vaccination. The initial hepatitis B vaccination schedule involves three injections administered over various time scales depending on their urgency.
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