Oral Contraception

Get Oral Contraception in Birmingham

You can now get a repeat prescription straight from Whites Pharmacy in Birmingham if you’ve never changed your oral contraceptive pill for at least one year. Thanks to our Oral Contraception service in Birmingham.

What is oral contraception?

These are pills comprising of specific female hormones that stop a woman from getting pregnant. The contraceptive tablets come in two main types:

The combined oral contraception pill (COC), also referred to as “the pill.” It contains two hormones, namely progesterone and oestrogen. This effective form of contraception works in three simple ways:

You normally take one pill every day for three weeks when taking a combined pill. You can then give yourself a one-week break when having a monthly period.

The second one is a progesterone-only pill (POP), also called the “mini-pill.” It contains only progesterone. POPs works in two ways:

Why get a contraceptive pill from Whites Pharmacy?

Here are the benefits of getting the oral contraception service in Birmingham from us:

Which tablets can I get through the Oral Contraception service in Birmingham?

Our servicer offers two types of contraceptive pills under this repeat prescription service. These include a Progestogen-only pill and a Combined oral contraception pill.
All our contraceptive appointments take place in our private consultation rooms at our store in Birmingham. One of our trained pharmacists will have a brief consultation with you. They may check your blood pressure and ask a few questions about your overall health.

How does the oral contraception service in Birmingham work?

Get Oral Contraception in Birmingham without having to see the GP. Simply visit our pharmacy or contact us today for more information.