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Wherever you are travelling, Whites Pharmacy Travel Clinic in Birmingham will ensure that you travel safe and are protected throughout your journey.

Why is it important to vaccinate before travelling?

Travelling abroad could expose you to pathogens that might harm your body because of a lack of protection. This is what’s termed as “immunity”, hence the term “immunisations”. Pathogens may cause diseases and infections like Hepatitis A or Yellow Fever which leads to illnesses. These illnesses can sometimes be so severe and even be fatal. By receiving a vaccination prior to your travelling, you will protect your body against them. This is vital because some of the illnesses are life-threatening.

How do these travel vaccines work?

Travel vaccines work in the same way, and a variety of them offer immunity against different types of diseases. We will inject you with a solution that copies the way the disease’s pathogen work. This triggers the stimulation of the immune system to generate antibodies that can combat the particular infection. Consequently, if you expose yourself to the virus or bacteria, your body’s fighting mechanism will fight it off before it harms you.
We recommend that you receive your vaccination at least 21 days before travelling to another country or other destination. It can be more days for other vaccines like the Rabies vaccine. This gives your body some time to generate all the antibodies required for optimum protection.

Whites Pharmacy Travel Clinic is protecting people in Birmingham and the surrounding region.

We have fully trained pharmacists at Whites Pharmacy who can administer all types of travel vaccinations and also prescribe antimalarial medication. Our Travel Clinic services in Birmingham also involve giving you thorough health information and advice before you travel to fully understand the involved risks. It includes malaria prevention as well.
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