Pneumonia Vaccine

Why have the pneumonia vaccine in Birmingham?

The pneumonia vaccine protects against serious and potentially fatal pneumococcal infections. The bacterium Streptococcus Pneumoniae are the main cause of pneumococcal infections and could lead to pneumonia, meningitis, and septicaemia. The infection can, in the worst case, cause permanent brain damage, or even kill. It’s a good idea to get your pneumonia vaccine in Birmingham this winter.

The importance of getting the pneumococcal vaccine

The pneumococcal vaccine helps protect against the 13 different types of pneumococcal bacteria that most commonly cause serious infections. This vaccine has also been found to help prevent ear infections and pneumonia. It is vital that you get the Pneumonia vaccine this winter to help prevent infection especially through the flu season and COVID-19 pandemic.

Who is the pneumococcal vaccine for?

Anyone can be affected by pneumococcal infections. However, it’s recommended that people with a higher risk of serious illness are given the NHS pneumococcal vaccination. These include:

You can get the private pneumococcal vaccine in Wellingborough

Anyone can get the private pneumococcal vaccine in Birmingham from Whites Pharmacy. The cost of the vaccine is £50 and only 1 dose is required.

How does the pneumococcal vaccine work?

Pneumococcal vaccines are designed to encourage the production of antibodies against pneumococcal bacteria throughout your body. Antibodies are proteins produced by the body and protect you from becoming ill if you’re infected with bacteria. Although most strains of pneumococcal bacterium do not cause serious infections, more than 90 different strains have been identified. The adult vaccine (PPV) protects against 23 strains and is thought to be effective at preventing pneumococcal disease at a rate of 50 to 70%. The PPV does not contain any live organisms and is known as an inactivated or “killed” vaccine. Therefore, they cannot cause the disease they protect against.

Who should not have the pneumococcal vaccine?

Occasionally, you may need to delay having the vaccination or avoid it completely for a number of reasons;

A vaccine allergy – If you have had a serious reaction to any previous vaccination, you must inform your G.P. It may not be possible for you to have it if this severe allergic reaction was to the pneumococcal vaccine or any ingredient in the vaccine. However, if the reaction was only mild, such as a rash, it is usually safe to continue.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding – Although having the pneumococcal vaccine is thought to be safe during pregnancy and while you’re breastfeeding, unless the benefits of having the vaccine outweigh the risks to your child, as a precaution you may wish to wait until you have had your baby if you’re pregnant.

Fever at the vaccination appointment – It is safe to have the vaccine if you are mildly unwell at the time of the vaccination. However, it is best to delay the vaccination if you are more seriously ill (for example, with a high temperature and feeling hot and shivery), until after recovery.

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