Meningitis B Vaccine

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Meningococcal meningitis is caused by bacteria that can be easily transmitted from person to person through coughing, sneezing, and kissing. This infection can lead to severe complications.The Meningitis ACWY vaccine is referred to as Nimenrix.

About the Vaccination

Dosage: The number of doses required for the meningitis B vaccination depends on your age, ranging from two to four doses.

Boosters: Individuals over the age of 2 and adults generally do not require booster shots. However, young children under the age of two may need one or two booster doses.
Administration: The meningitis B vaccine is administered via injection.
Possible Side Effects: There are potential side effects associated with the vaccination, including fever, digestive issues, and redness/swelling at the injection site.
Vaccination for Children: Children can receive the meningitis B vaccine from the age of two months onwards.
Additional Precautions: If you or anyone you know experiences symptoms of meningitis, it is crucial to seek immediate medical attention. Early treatment is essential to prevent severe complications. Please note that the meningitis B vaccine does not provide protection against meningitis A, C, W, and Y.
Preparation before the Appointment: If you are bringing a child under two years old, you may consider having some paracetamol available for them to take after receiving the vaccine. This can help prevent fever.
The Meningitis ACWY vaccine was initially recommended only for anyone at high risk of contracting meningococcal disease. These include Hajj pilgrims, those who have had their spleen cut off or have a spleen that doesn’t work as expected, and those travelling to regions with high cases of meningococcal disease, including areas of Africa and Latin America.

How serious is the Meningitis B infection?

Meningococcal group B bacteria are a serious cause of life-threatening infections worldwide, including meningitis and sepsis.

They’re also the leading infectious killer of babies and young children in the UK.
There are 12 known groups of meningococcal bacteria, and group B (MenB) is responsible for about 9 in every 10 meningococcal infections in the UK.
Meningitis and sepsis caused by meningococcal group B bacteria can affect people of any age but are most common in babies and young children.
While most young children recover from MenB, around 1 in 20 die from the infection.
Many of those who survive have a permanent disability, such as brain damage, epilepsy, hearing loss, or the loss of limbs (amputation) .

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